Week 11: Filming

This week was pretty uneventful and so will next week because I’m going to a camp on the weekend.
Now is the time I should film most of my video. I’m currently making the script so I have an idea on what I should do for each verse.
Also, while I was packing for camp, I found this cool thing I can do with my flashlight. Check it out:

Spooky! 👻

That definitely going in the video!

Week 10: It’s All Going “Expert”!

I have contacted my expert! He is also a friend of my parents, so they approved. The meeting wasn’t long, but I learned about silhouettes and editing shots and other stuff.

I am trying to make some of the video more pleasant. My song’s not necessarily the jolliest tune to hear. I think I’m going to add more “effects” to the music to make it more intense near the end. It needs a buildup like a story.

I’m debating if I should dance in the video. I’ve seen music videos where the singer dances. But there are other videos where they don’t dance. But also my procreate’s not working so I’ll have to use my sister’s.

Week 8: Finished.

I finished the song.

Now I can move on to phase 2: make a music video. I will contact some videographers for my professionals, after my parents’ permission. I can probably start by filming some things that might possibly be good for the video.

I have T-minus five weeks left! I might be a little-teensy-tiny-bit worried that I won’t get this video done, so I will work EXTRA hard on it.

Week 7-ish: Percussion

A big question: do I want percussion? The answer, yes. Another question: what should I use, I don’t have a drum set. The answer, I improvise. I am going to use the wood of my guitar to get a good sound and maybe a cardboard tube that once held wrapping paper. I am pretty much done with the lyrics unless I want last minute changes, so yay!

I have thought about this: I am not going to contact a professional songwriter. Remember, I have two phases to my project. One, write a song, almost already done that. Two, I still have to make a video to go with it. I won’t find a songwriter, I am going to find some photographers. And there are so many more of those in Edmonton! I may be good with an instrument, but not really with a camera. A photographer will really help with making this video!

Week 6: Eh.

I made no progress with finishing the lyrics of my song. I don’t know how a good beginning looks, but I’ll keep trying.

My English teacher wants us to consult an expert soon. I don’t know any Edmonton song writers. My friend suggested Ruth B, the amazing songwriter from Edmonton. But how can I? I mean, Ruth B! She’s so famous! Like, she wrote one of my favourite songs. I don’t even think she would still be in Edmonton right now. But I don’t know who else to do.

Week 5: Almost done Song!

I have a tuner app on my phone called Soundcorset, and it helps with the singing. It’s also just fun to play around with. Anyways, I’ve been asked if the lyrics match up with the notes, and yes, I think.

So, my chorus is annoying me lately and I don’t know what pitch to make it at. If I do this high version, it doesn’t fit with the rest of the song. If I do the lower version, there is one note that sounds like a toad croak. I will give you a small demo of what my song sounds like so far:

Do things need changing? I’d love to hear from you!

You probably don’t have a long attention span, and I wouldn’t be surprised if you weren’t reading this right now. But that’s half. I’ll show the other half next week. Maybe with some more progress.

Week 4: Progress Made!

I have spent a lot of time making lyrics. I pulled out my old poetry skills and got to work. I want it to rhyme, but I want it to make sense. I’ve kind of laid out how I wanted the song format to be:

I only have some of the lyrics, but this is what it looks like right now:

Verse 1:
….. (Stuff I need to figure out)
Finally I wake up, it was a dream,
No more nightmares, no more screams.
But there’s this thing inside of me it feels like pain,
I miss the thrill of the game.
What if I go run and hide, away from those things that eat me up inside?
What if I decide to flee, away from those deep dark nightmares chasing me?
Oh, but then, who’d I be? When I look inside the mirror who do I see?
If I am sleepin’, I don’t wanna be dreamin’. Don’t wanna wake up from a fairy tale.
Verse 2:
I’ve killed dragons, I’ve been queens,
I’ve been kissed by enemies,
There’s no nothin’ that I can’t see,
And no one has more power than me.

(Stuff, stuff, stuff…)
Chorus: – –
Tryin’ to decide if I want to go hide,
Away from those things that eat me up inside,
But then would I still wanna try,
To be the person that I always liked,
Imagine me finally free,
Inside my very own fantasies,
Painlessly, through memories,
Like I’m inside my own fairy tale dream.

Chorus: – –

Ta-da! Hard work pays off!

Week 3: I’m shocked

I feel like I’m slightly struggling. Today I had a thought and for a moment I was scared if people judged me for not being good. Me putting myself out there, or if I mess up on a note, or you don’t like my tries. But I pushed that thought away, because that’s what I want to do. I don’t know what genre of song to make, but I have finally come up with an idea for a theme. So, I have these really weird dreams every night. But, they are always so unique each night and sometimes I feel sad when I wake up because it’s over. Once I had a dream I was saving my elementary school from Maleficent and it felt like I could do anything. Like a fairy tale. I want to write about that.

I made a little something that I just wanted to share. Sorry if I’m pitchy, I had a long day:

*If there is background noise, it’s my dad drilling a wall downstairs.

If you didn’t hear it clearly, the lyric was: If I am sleepin’, I don’t wanna be dreamin’. Don’t wanna wake up from a fairy tale.

Week 2 Update

Hi again! So, my school just had a long weekend, and I practised my guitar at home. I was surprised to see how much I could improve in a short amount of time. I think I have already completed step one of my plan!

I was given the chance to practice guitar at school today in the band room. I was thankful for the opportunity and got plenty of time to plan out a song.

I don’t know how to even start a song whatsoever. I played some chords today and found a technique called “pull offs”, where I play a chord, and pull my fingers away in a manner so it plays a note. I found ways I could probably use the guitar in my song. I can definitely customise the notes, too.

(The notes were improvised on spot, don’t judge how I played them, rather to how they sounded.

I will probably have more than one technique in my song, but which ones did you like best? Thoughts? Tell me in the comments! (Wow, this feels like a youtube channel. “Don’t forget to subscribe!“)

But really, tell me what you think. Thank you!

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